Buffalo Burger is the latest takeaway outlet in Port Moresby serving primarily ummm burgers.

Located at the ANZ compound in Waigani, Buffalo Burger is an extension to Meaty Haus, the city’s latest butchery.


It’s been a busy period for Meaty Haus as it opened only last year, followed by the opening of its bakery and now the takeaway outlet.

The menu isn’t any different to what you would normally see at a burger outlet with the standard Beef Burger, Chicken Burger, Fish Burger and of course fries.

Perhaps the biggest drawcard to this new burger shop is the taste and the quantity.  The buns and the patties are not your average size buns and patties and sure enough you’ll have every little space in your tummy filled with the delicious ingredients.

Buffalo Burger claims to makes its own sauce and this is evident in the burgers.  The sauce is rich in flavour and has that tangy taste to it. It’s delicious.

We’ve tried their double beef burger and it is a mouthful.  It will fill you up no doubt and it’s not recommended for those who eat small portions because not only will it be a real challenge with your mouth it may not be economical.  It’s that big!


From our experience, the downside to it are the chips.  They’re a bit soggy and those who love their chips or fries will no doubt agree that anything that is almost soggy isn’t worth eating.

Now, on the health front those healthy freaks will probably tell you to keep away.

But Papua New Guineans aren’t really the health conscious type.  As long as it’s delicious and enough to fill the tummy, it’s all good.

But do check Buffalo Burger, it’s something a little different to your usual Port Moresby burger experience.