The Lihir Triathlon & Cycling Club is organizing a two/three day cycling tour next year during the Easter Weekend (April 2017). Interested? Read on…

Our good friend Stephen Damien has done the ride himself and according to him it’s “worth it!!!!!


The event was initially scheduled for December but this being the peak season for holiday makers, accommodation was always going to be an issue.

So the organizers have set Easter 2017 as the perfect date to host this wonderful event and thankfully accommodation should not be an issue as presently Rubio and Nusa are expect to hold rooms for the event.

Accommodation bookings can made directly.

Jonathan Hardy from the organizing team has indicated that the distance of the ride per day and destinations have changed from the last ride much due to the expected numbers and available accommodation rooms.

So if you think this event might be appealing to you, there are two options available. You can fly to Lihir (accommodation in Lihir) or Kavieng.   Hardy says accommodation on Lihir will be limited and pending available billets.

There’s also a possibility that the orhanisers might also organise a 1km and 2km ocean swim in Kavieng.

So here are the details for this event:

263km – Rev 2

Day 1- Thursday 13th April

Is a mixture of dirt and sealed road. 46km

It is a short day to cater for people who will either be travelling down to Namatenai or across for Lihir on the ferry.

Time depart Start  Location Time arrive Destination Distance to -km Remaining -km Comments
12.30pm Namatenai Lodge 2.00pm Belik  Bridge 30 233  
2.00pm   2.15pm       15 minute break if required .
2.15pm Belik Bridge 3.00pm Rubio Lodge   217 Option of accom at Dalom guesthouse


Day 2-Friday  14th April

Is a mixture of dirt and sealed road, all sealed from Dabanot Village . 76km

Time depart Start  Location Time arrive Destination Distance to -km Remaining -km Comments
7.30am Rubio Lodge 9.15 Dabanot  Village 23km 194  
9.15   9.30       15 minute break if required . Chang to slicks / road tyres as all sealed from here.
9.30 Dabanot  Village 10.15 Lasigi Village 26km 168  
10.15   10.30       15 minute break if required .
10.30 Lasigi Village 11.45 Konos Bridge 27km 141
11.45   12.15       Store Bikes at Konos
12.15 Konos Bridge 1.00 Dalom     Travel back  in truck to Dalom
1.00   2.00       Lunch and swim
2.00   2.30       Travel Back to Rubio ( option of accommodation at Dalom Lodge )
2.30   ——— Rubio     Swim ,surf , chocolate making , coconut oil process, prep bikes for big day tomorrow.


Day 3-Saturday 15th April

All  sealed road. 141km

If you have a MTB only , suggest to swap over to a set of slicks for this section but not crucial.

Time depart Start  Location Time arrive Destination Distance to -km Remaining -km Comments
6.45 Rubio 7.45 Konos Bridge   141 Travel by truck
7.45   8.15       Set up bikes and prep
8.15 Konos Bridge 9.30 Bol Village 28 113  
9.30   9.45       15 min break
9.45 Bol Bridge 11.00 Laraibina 29 84  
11.00   12.00       Lunch and Feed the Eels
12.00 Laraibina 1.45 Lossuk Bridge 45 39  
1.45   2.15       30 min break
2.15 Lossuk Bridge 3.45 Kavieng 39 0  
3.45   4.30       Leave bike in Newcrest Office
4.30           Boat to Nusa


Day 4-Sunday  16th April

Recover , surf , snorkel , dive , etc…

Day 5-Monday  17th April

2.00pm – 1km/2km Ocean Swim

Accomodation options in Kavieng – Nusa, Kavieng Hotel , Malagan Lodge , Transit Haus , plus other smaller guesthouses. newirelandsurf/Rubio.html

http://www.nusaislandretreat. com/