Hanuabada Hawks has a proud history. Hawks have been entertainers of the game much due to their flamboyant style in attack.


When Guba John, Rei Simoi, Dikana Boge and Davai Thomas of the 1970’s Hanuabada Hawks team brought the Port Moresby Rugby League Cup to their big village of Hanuabada, who knew there was going to be a long drought to follow.

With the many talented rugby league players to choose from, never did it occur to this sporting mad village that the performance of their beloved Hawkies would be as unpredictable as the bounce of a rugby league ball in the ensuing years.


Support for the club has dwindled perhaps due to their lack of success or for other reasons but deep down inside in the heart of Hawkie territory, the club has always been a part of the big village.

Hanuabada Hawks has always had a proud history.

Going back in the 60’s “Hawks” was a household name in the Port Moresby rugby league competition made up of mostly expatriates.  The club regularly featured in the finals battling against other pioneer clubs like Magani, Kone Tigers, DCA and Paga Panthers.  Hawks went on to win back to back premierships in 1967 and 1968 spearheaded by the likes of Barry Stevens, Johnny Oberdorf and Darcy and Errol Goode.

The history of how Hanuabada men became involved in rugby league is a little sketchy although records show that the Poreporena Rugby league competition in the late 1950s had much to do in paving the way for the formation of the famous Hanuabada Hawks Rugby League Club. The late Ben Moide was a key figure in the early days of Hanuabada rugby league.

It was only in the early 1970’s that the once expatriate dominated “Hawks” changed its name to “Hanuabada Hawks” as the composition of the players were mainly from Hanuabada.  It became a Hanuabada club, a club where the village came to a standstill the moment the men in green and white ran out on the paddock.


Hawks have been entertainers of the game much due to their flamboyant style in attack.  So entertaining they were, even non-Hanuabadans like the Wanigelas from Koki barracked for the green and white shouting “Hokiti, Hokiti“.

Many great players have donned the famous green and white jersey with a number of players making the national side.  Some of the great Hanuabada Hawks players that went on to wear the Kumul jersey include Dikana Boge, Philip Boge, Lohia Daroa and Garia Kora to name a few.

SP Hawks tireless second rower Davai Thomas
SP Hawks tireless second rower Davai Thomas

The flamboyant style and their ability to entertain attracted sponsors and at one stage, local beer manufacturer SP Brewery was the naming rights sponsor of the club.  Their playing strip was considered one of the best at that time.

Premierships and history aside, there is an air of excitement once again and that excitement has been rejuvenated by someone known to have tackled more green jerseys than to have worn them.

Pioneer rugby league player and businessman, Sir Dadi Toka, returns to the rugby league field this time as the major sponsor of Hanuabada Hawks Rugby League Club through his radio station Lalokau FM.  And his sponsorship package of about K45,000 for the Hawkies alone clearly indicates how serious he is at regaining the lost pride.  Part of the sponsorship includes in live broadcasting of the Lalokau FM Hawks matches this season – a first of its kind for a local club.

Lalokau FM isn’t the only one throwing in the love.  Popular local sportswear maker, Tura Sports, is backing the club too with sponsorship in kind and local insurance company Southern Cross Assurance Limited has assured the club of its, well, love and support in kind.

The club is headed by its newly appointed President Dadi Toka Jnr.  Dadi Jnr has already made it known of his intention to add something different to the club by having an open mind in its recruitment of players and officials.  This is already evident with its current players comprising of players not just from Hanuabada but also nearby villages like Baruni, Tatana and Pari.


Equally important according to the President is the professionalism, transparency and accountability in the administration of the club.  With the significant support it already has, it is indeed vital that the club’s administration is polished up not only for the sake of the players, officials and supporters but also for the sponsors who are pumping in the resources to achieve the club’s goals this year and beyond.

Lalokau FM Hawks is already setting the bench mark for other clubs to follow in terms of administration and marketing.  And as you know, positive off-field signs are an indication that success on-field isn’t too far away.

It’s just a matter of keeping at it, going that extra mile and with the support of a lalokau sponsor and a tura of support sponsors, you can be “assured” – anything can happen for the Hawkies!