Social media shouldn’t be all serious stuff, right?  Whilst connecting with family, friends and work colleagues, there should be some fun in it so that we can all have a fun and positive  online experience.

Our fans here at Skerah are very engaging and because of that, we want to add some fun into the engagement.  And what a time to start it off with Independence celebrations in full gear here in Papua New Guinea.

And there’s more fun in it because we get to give away exciting prizes from ourselves and our sponsors!


Without further ado, we’re pleased to introduce to you our social media contest #hamas

hamas” in tok pisin means how many or how much. And the concept of this contest is to post a photo and ask you a question along the lines of “how much or how many”.  It’s pretty simple and fun. To enter the contest, simply comment on the thread or share it with a comment including the hashtag #hamas.

Unless indicated in the question for a particular contest, there will only be one winner.  If there are more than one entrant that gets the correct answer, we’ll pick a random winner.  Our decision is final and no further complaints etc will be entertained.

So let’s get started, shall we:

#hamas jelly beans in the glass?


Simply look at the glass filled with jelly beans and tell us how many jelly beans are in the glass. Don’t forget to use the tag #hamas in your answer.

You can give your answer by commenting below or you can go to our Facebook Page, Twitter or Instagram to enter the contest.

***Clue- we emptied the whole 200g content in the glass***

Prize: A PGK50 Gift Voucher at our shop Toubin

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General rules:

Competition commences: 9.30am Wed 14/9/16 and closes 12.30pm Fri 16/9/16.  The winner will be announced before 5pm on Friday 16/9/16.

The person who gets the correct answer will be awarded the winner. If there is more than one person with the correct answer, we will pick a winner randomly. Our decision is final.