Crystal clear waters surrounds the coastline
Crystal clear waters surrounds the coastline

Destination: East New Britain & Duke of York Islands

Essence of the trip:

This incredible journey embodies the essence of intrepid exploration. Discover ancient civilisations on a voyage through the little-known jungle clad islands and lost worlds of Papua New Guinea. Experience primitive tribes of the Bainings Mountain range, climb the Mother Mountain volcano and discover the idyllic Duke of York islands.  A truly amazing tribal adventure.

Sunset over the untouched landscape
Sunset over the untouched landscape

This trip will give you:

  • A pure exploration into the Baining Mountains; a region of dense tangled jungle trails and elusive painted tribal people – a complete sensory overload simply not found anywhere else on earth.

  • Exclusive opportunity to witness secretive communities and traditional ceremonies such as Sing-Sings, Fire Dances of the Bainings and the Duk-Duks dance of the Tolais.
  • Total immersion in a truly wild, challenging and unexplored world; one of most bio diverse places in the world where incredible new species of plant and animal life are still being discovered.
  • The chance to take in awe-inspiring views of the active and constantly rumbling Tavurvur Volcano from the summit of Mother Mountain, East New Britain and an incredible night camping at the base of Tavurvur, below the drifting volcanic smoke.
  • The world’s most incredible snorkelling in the azure, crystal waters of the Duke of York islands, here you will snorkel with a startling array of marine life.



Flying in from Port Moresby on the mainland to Rabaul, East New Britain, you will be immediately immersed in island culture at Rabaul’s bustling, colourful local markets and a visit to relics left over from the Second World War gives an insight into country’s modern history before starting your mind –blowing ten day expedition.

The following morning your intrepid adventure will start out on the open ocean as you follow the coastline by boat and then continue by 4×4 to a remote Baining mountain village. domain typos The tribes of this area are lesser-known and rarely interact with people outside of their own culture –to be part of their world is a privilege bestowed on only a lucky few. You will have the rare chance to see the frenetic, centuries old, fireside dance which is performed by the local men in large white masks.

Your expedition will continue into the jungle tracing the Gazelle Peninsula of East New Britain, taking you to the local Baining villages of Vunga and Rhungagi – at each, you will be part of the energetic and extraordinary tribal ceremonies. best hotels . This is back to basics trip and throughout you will be staying in jungle camps and tribal villages, bringing you as close as possible to this unique, beguiling environment. As well as the expedition food you will eat predominately local food prepared by our accompanying team of highly-experienced locals.

On day six you will journey by 4X4 to open spaces of the coast arriving at Kokopo Beach to take a boat across the water to the spectacular Duke of York Islands; dip in and out of the warm water to snorkel the azure world below the surface as you go. Unspoilt and far removed from the trappings of the westernised world, without question, these outstandingly beautiful Islands are the essence of a desert island paradise.

The pace of life here slows and your time on the Duke of York Islands will be spent in local coastal villages, where goods are traded with the native shell currency and Duk Duk traditional dance of the Tolais is performed – witnessing this is a unique part of the trip.

Rabaul is home to Mother Mountain, a dormant volcano which rests on the North East tip of the East Britain Island, casting a dramatic silhouette against clear blue skies. Here you can trek up to the summit of the volcano and take in the spectacular panoramic views out across this lush, island.

The untouched waters around Papua New Guinea are undoubtedly the best in the world for diving and snorkelling. A truly mesmerising number of beautiful fish and marine life species suppresses anything you might find in more familiar waters. Wreck diving can be incorporated into the trip – joining the watery world of these ghostly giants and the vibrant life that lives within them is simply incredible.

If you are interested in taking this trip and would like to discuss it in more detail with our team of experts get in touch here or call us on 0207 426 9899 (UK) or 1-888 341 9663 (US) to start planning your trip.