Pic: Henao Iduhu
Pic: Henao Iduhu

One of the interesting things about these the current campaigning that’s going on by candidates is the opportunity to get a glimpse of the places they conduct their campaigns.  Obviously, their aim is to convince as many voters as they possibly can to vote for them.  But behind this practice, the posting of images of the places they’re campaigning in is proving to be entertaining as well as raising curiosity.  This is especially so for the villages out in the rural areas.

One such candidate that is posting photos of the places in which he is conducting his campaign is Henao Iduhu.  Mr Iduhu is an intending candidate for the Kairuku Hiri seat in the Central Province of Papua New Guinea.  Since the start of his campaign, the former public servant has posted interesting photos of his trips.

Mr Iduhu recently visited the villages of Kido, Gorohu and Boauna.  These are villages that hardly many of us have heard of, let alone visited.  But the recent photos posted by Mr Iduhu tells a compelling story about the place and its people.


They say “a picture paints a thousand words” and that’s very true from the images.  Take a look at the images below.

The quality photographs portray mixed messages.

On the one hand, there’s the obvious that there has been very little development in these areas.  Village houses pretty much have remained the same for many years.  It’s also noticeable that there has hardly been any improvement in the standard of living.

In a way, the photos provide a feeling of sadness as to why after so many years of independence villages like these remain the way they are.

Despite the lack of development and sadness one can visiualise from the photos, it’s interesting to see the people being so welcoming and open to receive their visitor.  It’s a form of respect in many Papua New Guinea communities to receive and welcome guests despite some of the difficulties they face daily.

So welcoming they are that even a mini feast is prepared for the guests.

One would think that these people would be angry for being neglected but that is hardly the case.  The people are showing their respect and gratitude to their visitor.

The situation in these villages is likely to be the same for many of the villages around the country, particularly, those in the outer rural areas.

From a tourism perspective, the photos can make you feel a sense of bewilderment as to why these beautiful places that have so much culture and tourism potential, potential that is self-sustaining but yet neglected for so long.

Many adventure tourists, would find these places interesting because there are not many places like these left in the world and these places raise a sense of curiosity to potential tourists.

Hopefully, more beautiful places of Papua New Guinea are posted on social media so that Papua New Guineans can realize how beautiful our place is, the potential these places have in improving the people’s standard of living and more importantly something is done about it.

It’s a new way of campaigning indeed but the photos are indirectly doing a lot more awareness to each and every one of us to improve our standard of living.