If you have already been to the Town outlet of Big Rooster, you will have noticed a change.  Change in a positive way, that is.

The first change you will notice is the refurbishment of the interior.  It has a more modern look with painting that makes the place bigger, fresher and more inviting.


There’s recessed lighting too adding to the modernity look.  Much better than the previous type which made the place look dull.

The menu box is more clear and bright.  Certainly much more inviting than the previous one which not only got filled with dust and dirt, the glasses to the box were cracked.

The other major change is the menu itself.

They still have your favorite snack pack, lunch box and dinner box but they’ve added a variety to spice it up.


The spicy and hot chicken tender is a new addition to the list.  It’s certainly spicy and hot but the size of the tenders are small (very small actually) compared to the image on the menu.  You only get three pieces and all three are small in size.

On the burger side, the Fillet of Fish Burger is new to the list as well as the Sweet Chilli Sub.

We expect the other outlets to follow suite as well.