Trending Travel Pics of Papua New Guinea on Insta

  • You’ve got love Instagram!

    It’s a fantastic way to share what you’re doing, what you like and even what you don’t like to your followers and the rest of the world.  When it comes to sharing travel photos on Insta, it’s another world in itself.

    And we love the Papua New Guinea photos appearing Insta. It’s natural, it’s raw and it’s amazing how the experiences are portrayed.  So we’ve decided to share some of the best photos of PNG travel with the hashtag #papuanewguinea.

    Here are the top 10:

    Hard to describe how it feels to see land after 10 days at sea ⛵

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    @Regrann from @shonephoto – I am currently curating an assignment with @natgeoyourshot entitled “EPIC,” inviting you to use your photography as a creative canvas to express your understanding of the word ‘ EPIC’ and how it can be portrayed in a single image. This photograph captures a time and place that to me has left a lasting memory of being truly epic. I was on a caving expedition in Papua New Guinea and at this point we had travelled deep underground following a 50ft deep, 2ft wide canyon passage for over 2 miles. We were the first people to ever undertake this arduous and technically challenging journey. Finally after several hours of hard work we burst out into this huge chamber where the noise was so loud from all the rivers and waterfalls that we had to shout to one another to be heard above the roar. Our journey didn’t end here though, we swam across the beautiful green Myo lake and climbed up the waterfall to explore never-before-seen passages beyond. Everything about this expedition was epic beyond imagination. Out of over 30 expeditions, it still remains as the most challenging I’ve ever undertaken. To submit your photos and stories, go to or there is a direct link in my bio. Good luck! #natgeoyourshot #epic #cave #adventure #exploration #explore #NewBritain #PapuaNewGuinea – #regrann

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    —————————————————- —————– ‘There are orchids gripping trunks, and trunks gripping rocks, with roots like melted wax spreading down the precipice’s blackened flanks. ‘We swim under the spray, nourished by its coldness. “Papua New Guinea isn’t the end of the earth,” says my Tufi guide William Keghana, “but sometimes I think you can see it from here.” —————————————————- —————————————————-Travel journalist, Sophy Roberts (@sophy_roberts ) on Tufi waterfall, Uraman, for @ft_howtospendit ——————— Our expedition leader Ray and guests head to Tufi in the coming days ✨

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