Go On A Harbour Cruise This Festive Season

  • One of the most memorable “to do” things we’ve done here in Port Moresby is going on a harbour cruise particularly around the time when the sun down goes down.  There’s something so spectacular about the sunsets here in Port Moresby that makes us appreciate more about this city.

    The water on Fairfax Harbour is usually still which is why it’s often described as “lake-like”.  And as you cruise the harbour and look back at the city, you’ll see that so much has changed over the years.

    If you really want to give it a try, we’re happy to let you know that one of our wantoks has a boat that can carry between 7-9 people on board (including driver and deckhand).  The small number makes it really exclusive so those on board know that they’re special.  It’s a great way to entertain clients or just family and friends.

    It’s a pretty nifty boat with a length of 24.5ft. There’s a toilet, shower (both indoor and outdoor), microwave, CD player and fridge. You can stock the fridge yourself, or our good mate is more than happy to stock it up for you with our favorite beverages.

    You can hire it for an hour or a day.

    Oh, and if you really want to have more fun than just absorbing the magnificent harbor views, take the boat out to to Fishermen island for a swim, a picnic and you got the idea.

    Email us on admin@skerah.com and we’ll hook you up with our Wantok.

    Kids at Fisherman Island


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