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  • Salamo Milne Bay

    As the weekend nears, what are you thinking of doing for the weekend?  Where are you spending your weekend. At home, in the office? Where!

    Now, Papua New Guinea is truly a Paradise.  And if you want to get out of the city, there are many things to see and do. Most of them are in the remote parts of the country where the true meaning of Paradise can be experienced.

    So here’s the first one that’s come across our desk for your consideration.

    Wikipedia says Jacquinot Bay is a bay in East New Britain Province, south-eastern New Britain, Papua New Guinea, at 5.5666667°S 151.5°E. It is near the mountain where twenty-eight people died in a plane crash [1] in November, 1945. To its west is the Gasmata Bay and the Wide Bay and Rabaul Bay are situated to the north-east.[1]

    Before the Second World War, a palm tree plantation was started here, known as Palmalmal Plantation (Pal Mal Mal). The area also had a Catholic Mission, headed by Father Edward Charles “Ted” Harris.[1] 

    The person who took this photo Gav Graham says, in his words “it’s bloody beautiful”.  And it’s hard to argue with that by the look of this pic.

    Gav adds that the place is an “absolute ripper” as a cold fresh comes straight out of a volcanic vent and into the sea.

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