2017 should be the year for small businesses and getting the right tools to run your business more efficiently is vitally important.

One tool we came across during the Christmas shopping frenzy period was this K480 Multi-device keyboard. We’re going to explain why this is a tool you must have for your business.


Many small businesses tend to operate on the go. This is why gadgets like tablets and smartphones are so handy because of the instant communication and keeping in touch with business requirements.

The problem though is that it’s difficult to type on the smartphone or tablet when sending messages to clients or other business contact. Using shorthand isn’t really recommended because it affects your business image too. It also takes a while to type if you’re not using shorthand.

This is where this New multi-device keyboard comes in.

It’s the size of a tablet and can easily be carried around like your other gadgets. But the keyboard is like any other keyboard and you can type perfectly on it. It makes professional writing on the go very helpful.

There’s no cables to attach as the keyboard is connectable to your device via Bluetooth.  You can connect up to three devices and you can switch from device to device with ease.

The keyboard connects to gadgets with the following operating systems: Android, Windows, Chrome OS, iOS and MacOS.

We tend to store most of our important data on the phones and having this keyboard helps us enormously when sending emails or even writing blog posts or posting on social media.

The K480 Multi-device keyboard is being sold at City Pharamcy’s City Digital outlet and the cost is about K200. It’s not such a bad investment if you think about the benefits we’ve outlined.

And it’s a Logitech product which means it’s a quality product from a notable brand.

It will certainly save a lot of time when typing content and you will look much more professional through the various mediums you publish your business correspondences and promotions.

Enough of the short hand typing!