It’s a great venue to take the family along, splash in the pool and cool yourself under the usually hot Port Moresby sun.


On a hot and humid Port Moresby day, the temperature soars above 30.  Unless your house has air-conditioning, the heat can be unbearable whether you’re inside or outside of the house. Some of us, think about a swim to cool ourselves but unfortunately access to a pool is difficult for those of us who aren’t members of a social club.  The best we can do is have a shower and drink lots and lots of water to hydrate ourselves.

But there’s an option, a very cool option too as we found out over the weekend.


That option is the Taurama Aquatic Centre – the latest recreation hot spot in Port Moresby.

It’s not hard to figure out why those who want to beat the heat and have fun with the family are heading there in numbers every weekend.


There are two main pool areas and a water park above the pool area.  One of the main pools is used for competitive swimming practices and competitions.  The Boroko Swimming Club also practices there.

Adjacent to it is a more family friendly recreational pool area with the a depth of 90 centimeters on the shallow end and 1.2 meters over at the deep end.  The Centre has lifeguards roaming around keeping a watchful, as they should be, but that is no excuse for parents leaving their children unsupervised.  In fact, one of the rules of the pool is that kids must be supervised by adults at all times.

Just about the two main pools is the Waterpark – a fun area that includes a water slide as the main attraction.  As we witnessed over the weekend, the Waterpark area can be hired for events like a kids party.  You will need to call the centre for more information on this but it certainly provides more fun to the usual boring kids parties at home.

Food is part of the fun, right? The good news is, you can take food inside the centre.  The bad news is that you can’t take food into the pool.  There’s no food outlet within the Centre so you can bring your own food from home.  And it probably is more cheaper to bring food from home too.

Everyone wanting to use the pool will need to shower before dipping into the pool.  There are indoor showers located in the changing rooms and also outside just a few yards from the pool.  And after you’ve had your shower, make your way in an orderly manner and into the pool.  Don’t dive in or the lifeguard will order you to dive out.  There’s no diving!

The cost is K7 for kids and K15 for adults.  It’s a cheap option and worth every Kina of it, especially when you take the family there. You can check the full fees on this here.

We’ve even seen friends take the family there even though they have a pool at home.  What does that tell us?  The Centre is where all the fun is where other like minded families are there to enjoy the facilities away from home and to beat the heat.

Send us a pic if you’ve been there!