The rise and rise of Harbour City



One of the fastest growing property developments in Port Moresby is the Harbour City development located at Konedobu.

The development is between the Central Business District and Hanuabada Village.  Traditionally, the fishing areas of the nearby Motu Koitabu villages, the area became reclaimed land of the Gidare Land Group of Hanuabada and was subsequently sold to Provex Property Developments, a company owned by Curtain Brothers.


The once traditional fishing grounds now boasts a range of property types both commercial and residential.

East New Britain Supermarkets were one of the first businesses to lease the land from Provex to set up and operate the popular Andersons Supermarket.  At the time it was set up, Andersons proved very popular not because it was new but it offered a wide variety of goods including local fruits and vegetables.

Unfortunately, Andersons is no longer there as ENBS sold the business to the owners of the SVS supermarket.

As part of the rapid development of Harbour City, superannuation company NASFUND has developed both residential and commercial buildings.  The luxury residential property known as The Edge is also located at Harbour City.

Two of PNG’s major commercial banks, ANZ and BSP, also have a presence at Harbour City and have opened retail branches there too.

Parking space has obviously been a major problem in and around the Harbour City area and the developers have partly solved this problem by erecting a building specifically for parking space.

More residential and commercial buildings are being erected but there is still a lot of space for development.  Even the American Embassy has taken a lease of a section of the Harbour City to relocate from its current premises in the heart of the central business district to this waterfront development.

Aside from the commercial offices are restaurants such as The Edge Cafe, Fusion Bistro and the popular Daikoku restaurant which serves delicious Japanese cuisine.

A jewelry shop is located in the premises too along with a chemist.

Sources say that the aim of the developers is to make the Harbour City development a city within a city and if the current developments are any indication, that goal isn’t too far away from being accomplished.

The traditional landowners of this prime real estate are only a stone throw away and you have to wonder what they’re thinking as they look out from the balcony of their shanty houses to see a land they once owned being populated by modern amenities and facilities.

Did the landowners sell out too soon. They certainly did.