A couple of weeks ago, the SVS Supermarket at Harbour City appeared to be having a mad sale.  Everything was up to half price and shoppers scattered everywhere to get their hands on the items.

But this was no ordinary sale because almost half of the shelves were empty and it didn’t look like SVS was going to re-stock them.  Shop attendants weren’t exactly as excited and busy as one would normally expect for the usual mad sale and there seemed to be a glimpse of sadness in their eyes too.


Unless SVS are planning to have a major revamp on the shop, and mind you it really is indeed of a major one, it may possibly be that SVS are closing their Harbour City branch.  Who takes over and when is uncertain but given the rapid development on this prime location, it’s likely that a major supermarket business might be entering Harbour City.

SVS Harbour City is on a prime location owned by developers Curtain Brothers.  Andersons Foodland were the first to lease the premises until less than a decade ago when SVS took over the lease from them.

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