So you’ve heard about the new real estate website called But what are the specific features on the website that makes it easier for you as the buyer or tenant. Here are a few reasons why we think will revolutionize the way you search for sales or rental properties. is a free service. That is, you can search for property listings without paying a fee to If there is any fee that you will pay for having access to the service, it will be the internet fee that is charged by your internet service provider and not


One of the biggest benefits of an online real estate portal like is that the user or the property hunter is empowered in the process. By “empowered”, the user (that’s you) can search properties based on your own criteria such as location, property type, number of bedrooms and most importantly budget. This makes the search results more relevant saving you a lot of time and in some cases money.

The result of your search enquiry is also available to you in real time. There is no need to wait for the real estate agent to get back to you – the online facility gives you the results in a matter of seconds.

Papua New Guinea’s real estate industry is heavily focused on Port Moresby. Other major centers like Lae, Mt. Hagen and Goroka are left out when agent listings are published in the traditional media. With the user has the ability to search beyond Port Moresby. However, listings on other centers largely depends on agents listing properties located in other centers and property owners in these other centers listing their property with agents who are associated with Given the benefits and growing popularity of, it is a matter of time before we see a surge in listing of properties located outside Port Moresby.

One of the problems with property listings with traditional media like newspapers or even notice boards is the very limited nature of details of properties. gives the user more information to help make an informed decision. And that information is not limited to text – with digital media, more photographs can be shown to the user to take the user closer to the property. This is helpful to those who are unable to immediately inspect the property.

If the information given on is not enough or you have questions about the property, then emailing or calling the agent is a breeze because the contact details of the agent for all properties are published on the page for each property. is associated with reputable real estate agents like Century21. Strickland Real Estate, The Professionals and more. By entering into partnerships with these agents, it broadens the scope of your search and the results. Ever wondered how frustrating it is to call a number of real estate agents to get suitable properties that match your enquiry? It’s a difficult task calling and asking the same thing again and again. cuts down the continuous calls you make and centralizes the listings for you. Instead of making 5 or so calls to different agents, enables you to reach those 5 agents and more with a simple click!

If the above benefits aren’t enough, another big plus for is that as long as you have access to internet whether it is on desktop, a tablet or mobile phone, is accessible anywhere, anytime.

We highly recommend you give a go and familiarize yourself with it. It could save you a lot of time and money during your hunting!