At first glance, we thought PNG’s leading real estate portal, Hausples, had thrown away the keys to the house and opted for the sweaty and energizing environment of the gymnasium. But far from it.

Their new initiative Hausples Gym is being introduced in 2017. It’s a weekly email series that has the potential to help you achieve your professional goals whilst also maintaining a healthy personal lifestyle.  Now, they’re on the ball with this one for sure!

Still a little uncertain at this stage?  Read on…


In an email circulated to its subscribers, Hausples announced that Hausples Gym will involve leading real estate experts from both PNG and Australia to build a comprehensive training program.

Training programs covering topics like “How to build your database” and more advance training like “How to become the expert in your market” and “The secret to success – Routine!” is part of what Hausples has in store for you.  It’s an exciting time for real estate enthusiasts because one of the problems in the industry is that there isn’t much training on core aspects of the industry and the market.

The bottom line from this program is that you’re expected to earn more money with less stress.  Sounds like an interesting concept and certainly much different to the regular gymnasium many of us are used, well sort of.

If you’re a property agent or developer, this might just the thing for you.

Contact Hausples to find out more information on this program, or better join the program. You can reach them on this email address

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