The suburb of Granville or Town is it is commonly known has predominantly been recognised as a suburb for the wealthy or the executive.  The main reason being that most of the high end apartments seem to be situated in this suburb and it’s not difficult to figure out why.

The proximity to the central business district, million kina views of the waterfront and the neighborhood consists of properties that are not only similar, they are tenanted by individuals of the similar class.

Having said the above, there is now a clear drift away from this much sought after suburb to other suburbs that you probably wouldn’t have thought of as locations for the construction of luxury property developments.


Waigani has turned the corner from a middle to above average working class to an area that provides an option for those looking at luxury apartments that are close to work.

Waigani isn’t the only suburb. Seven mile where Port Moresby’s Jackson’s International Airport is located has seen rapid developments.  And the developer behind these developments is the Lamana Development company.


The Airways Residence is Lamana’s latest property offering providing potential tenants everything luxury.  Take a look at their 1 bedroom or studio units that are currently available for rent. The development is pretty impressive considering the suburb despite having the airport was seen as somewhat dull.

The Airways Residence offers short term and long term tenancy arrangements.  You might be thinking that no matter what the term of your tenancy, grocery shopping might create a bit of convenience considering the distance to the closest shopping center. Well, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that City Pharmacy Ltd, owners of the Stop n Shop supermarket chain, has established an “Express” outlet within the premises which means grocery shopping is only a minute or two stroll away from you apartment.

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