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It’s more than likely that throughout this year you’ve kept your eye on the market looking for that special deal. You might have been lucky and snapped up a deal this year or you’ve kept on holding from jumping too quickly hoping that the property you’re after or something similar drops in price. What about now? Is it a good time to buy?

Some say that Christmas isn’t a good time to buy the obvious reason being that it’s Christmas and if you’re going to spend big this Christmas it certainly isn’t going to be on brick and mortar. But history has shown that some of the best deals you can get is towards the Christmas period and here’s why.

Firstly, some sellers (not sellers) become vulnerable to letting their property go because it’s heading towards Christmas and surprise surprise they need the cash. This means that as they become more vulnerable they become more open to receiving any kinds of offers. Obviously, the offer has to be reasonable for the seller to give further consideration.


Secondly, some sellers become tired of holding the property and as they look at the new year they’re looking for a new start. This is especially for those who hold dilapidated properties and the owners aren’t looking at spending any more in maintenance. So why should you consider a dilapidated property? Well, the price which has been discounted and the potential it still has if you add a bit more work on it.

Thirdly, sellers haven’t had much luck selling their property this year and in some cases properties have been listed for over a year without much success for a sale. If you have kept your eye on the market and take a look at some of the listings on Hausples.com.pg you will realize that some of the properties listed look familiar. They look familiar because they’ve been listed for a lot longer than usual and every time you’ve visited the website these properties appear again and again. This means that the sellers aren’t really going to get a sale if they’re going to maintain it at the price it’s been for however long it is on the market. Maybe making a discounted but reasonable offer might entice them to let go. After all, they’ve been listed for over a year and if they’re not going to give your offer some serious consideration, that might be the last offer they’ll receive.

So what do you think? There is no hard and fast rule in property hunting but there are situations which you can use to your advantage and get a better deal. But before you can start listing properties to make an offer it is quintessential that you get your finance in order because getting it in order and moving quick on sale is just as important. The last thing you want to see is for the seller to revoke his or her offer because you’ve spent too long on seeking finance. It’s a mind game for sure, so you need to be prepared.

Happy hunting this Christmas!  See more properties on sale here Hausples.com.pg