The regulations also included the removal of barbed wire fencing on the top of concrete and steel type fencing. The only type of fencing acceptable under the regulations are “see-through” fences.

The fence at the Australian High Commission Residential Compound
The fence at the Australian High Commission Residential Compound

Update 16/3/2015 : 

As an update to our article below about the new fencing policy introduced last year, it seems that the National Capital District has stepped up another gear by issuing breach notices to those who are in breach of the fencing policy.  In recent media reports, NCD Governor Powes Parkop has strongly warned property owners that not only should those in breach immediately remove the fences, those with razor barbed wire on the top of their fences should also be removed.  Parkop says that the barbed wire portrays an unnecessarily negative image of the city considering that crime rates in the city have decreased.

Property owners on the other hand argue that not only does the removal increase security risks, the cost of removal will be quite expensive given the current high costs of construction material. Other property owners have argued that the city authority is prioritizing beautification over security risks.


If the city authority is to balance beautification and security, it will seriously need the help of the police to ensure that safety and security of residents and their properties are maintained.  However, the current events regarding police is not at a level where people feel safe to “open” their homes.

On the other hand, the step taken by NCDC is a positive one as well as a brave one.  If Port Moresby is to change for the better, a step out of the comfort zone by most residents can change the perception of the community.  With more in the community looking out for each other and working cohesively for a better society, it makes it much easier to rid out those that are a danger to community.  It’s possible!

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What you do on the fence is irrelevant. If the material is non-compliant, it has to go down.
What you do on the fence is irrelevant. If the material is non-compliant, it has to go down.

If you are a property owner and have fenced your property with either metal fencing panels, timber palings or roofing sheets, you are expected to remove these type of fences and replace them with “see through” type fences by 12 December 2014. If you don’t, you could find yourself with a K4,000 fine and legal action taken against you.

This is the latest policy introduced by Port Moresby’s city authority, the National Capital District Commission (NCDC).

Most of the fences the subject of this new fencing policy are prone to graffiti and NCDC’s policy appears to be aimed at fighting graffiti in the city. With major events like the Pacific Games in 2015 and the APEC meeting three years later, there is no doubt NCDC wants to continue its beautification program.

The two main objectives of the policy according to the policy statement issued by the NCDC are:

  • To discourage the vandalism/graffiti of both state and private properties
  • To improve the visual character of the street and discourage any illegal operations in private properties

Affected property owners will need to consider constructing the following fences which are the preferred fencing types under the new policy: Concrete piers with infill picket panels, galvanised chain mesh fencing or superior steel lattice fencing.

What does this mean for property owners?

Property owners will have to meet the cost of complying with the new policy and that means buying and constructing the new fence.

For investment properties that do not comply with the fencing policy, property owners might filter the added costs it incurs to the tenants and tenants will have to dig deeper to pay their rent. If the current rental is already on the upper end, tenants should not be surprised if rentals hit the roof or worse through the roof.

Generally, the new policy is a positive move although this should have been introduced many years ago. With sky high rentals and goods and services in the construction industry not getting any cheaper, timing of this new policy will only hurt property owners and tenants.

The winners of this policy is Port Moresby city and not forgetting fencing manufacturers.

You can see the full policy statement here

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