Headphones are tricky beasts. You either hit off like sago and coconut milk or drift apart like the polar ice sheets.

A quality headphone provides everything you need. Great sound with clear highs and lows (including bass and treble effects), cool design, comfort and durability. Before I forget – value for money.

When Jason Pini, product manager at Theodist offered me a chance to review their new product for music lovers in Papua New Guinea, I was curious and interested.


The headphones are from an established international brand, Urbanears. The Swedish company is known for its minimalistic, fashionable designs at affordable prices.

I experimented with the three models available exclusively through Theodist, and must say, I was pleased with the overall sound and design experience. If you’re looking for a decent headphone (the real deal) at local prices, then read on:

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Plattan is undoubtedly Urbanears most popular product. You’ll find one in New York’s subway to Malaysia’s high streets. A new and improved version of the classic product, Plattan 2 offers better music effects and practical design elements.

What grabbed me at the onset was the attractive design. These on-ear headphones have some cool feature updates.

If you’re constantly wearing headphones and tend to wear them out soon, the flexible 3D Hinge is a perfect solution. Thanks to this feature, you can do crazy dance moves and twists without worrying about your headband or earcups snapping off. The soft and comfier earpads are meant for prolonged use.

When it comes to sound, Plattan 2 offers a clear mid-range, good highs and lows, with extra bass and minimal sound bleeding. The crisp sound encourages you to move to the beat.

Despite their size, these headphones are astonishingly travel friendly. They can be folded-in and stored, as they are fully collapsible. The fabric-wrapped cords have an inbuilt-mic and remote for switching between songs and phone calls.

The Zoundplug (extra outlet) for sharing music is a nice touch. If your friends have similar headphones, you can create a chain of listeners. I think it’s about time we had a headphone dance party. Waddaya think?

Headphones for hard partying and pumping in the gym. Available in 8 groovy colours.

Headphones that love a good rinse

Headphones get dirty with prolonged use, especially when you’re regularly on the road in humid weather. Humlan, is a unique on-ear model with removable ear cushions and detachable headband. You can rinse them clean and reuse.

Humlan didn’t let me down, not with its music and listening essentials. The extra bass effect allows you to rock out. I find that bass boost in my headphones filters out external noise and allows me to enjoy my favourite songs while commuting.

This model shares many features with Plattan 2, including built-in microphone, remote control, tangle-free cords, compact size, and outlet for sharing music with a friend or partner.

Headphones for music lovers who care about sound quality and hygiene. Available in 14 seasonal colours.

Earphones in eye catching colours

Do you find on-ear headphones chunky and uncomfortable? If you’re looking for something lightweight, I recommend their stylish earphones – Medis.

When I first unboxed it, I was a bit surprised. Unlike earbuds that go right into your ear canal, these sit snugly in your outer ear. My next thought was these earpieces will fall off, especially when I am grooving to some heavy beats. And I can honestly admit, I’m not one to seat still when beat is about to shake the room!

After placing the top attachment under my upper ear ridge, I could secure the buds and keep them in place. There are 4 earpads in different sizes to help you wear a well-fitting piece.

I personally liked the sharp resonance that makes listening your phone music fun. The earpieces don’t completely block out sound and I can even catch up on a side conversation.

Do you hate spending valuable seconds untangling your earphone cords? I do. Medis has strong fabric-clothed chords (reminded me of mini skipping ropes) which I could fold, fasten and unfold easily.

Earphones for casual listening and available in 7 vibrant shades.

Prices of these products range from K25 to K100.

In one word, these headphones are ‘sick’, seriously!

Check them out at Theodist now.

Now if you could give me some space, Imma gonna groove to the latest tunes on my new Urbanear earphones!

See ya!