Adventure Park Fun

A friend once asked what there was to do in Port Moresby.  Our friend was only visiting for a couple of days and during the “rest” days, he wanted to keep himself busy having fun.

This got us thinking about what there is to do in Port Moresby so we decided to create a list of the fun things you can do.

If you know of any other activities that visitors or residents might find it fun to do let us know.


In the meantime, here is our list:

  1. Nature Park

Nature Park is an awesome place to visit.  The animals, the greenery and generally the overall facilities there makes the trip fun and adventurous.  It’s open throughout the day and opens 7 days a week. There’s a Café there too so if you feel your tummy rumbling the Nature Café serves hot and cold food and drinks.

  1. Cinema

If you’re into movies or want to just get away from the heat and into the cool theatre, the Paradise Cinema has two theatres – one at Waigani Central and the other at Vision City.  Check their website which is updated regularly.

  1. Sunsets

Unlike the top two activities, this will cost you nothing.  One of the most amazing things you will see in Port Moresby is the sunset – and Port Moresby’s sunsets never lets you down.  The skies turn into bright colours providing an opportunity to snap some pics.  Here’s a sample:


  1. Adventure Park

This might require some travelling but it’s worth it too.  Fishing, water sliding, watching birds – Adventure Park is ideal to entertain families.  If you’re lucky, you might see the Crocodile Show. Actually, it’s not really a “show” as in a stage show but have you seen someone ride on a crocodile or kiss a crocodile?  As crazy as it sounds it’s really. Here’s a pic to give you an idea how crazy the guy who feeds the croc is!

  1. Aquatic Centre

Hot sun and want to cool down? The Tauram Aquatic Centre will cool you down.  It’s a fantastic place to take the family for a swim.

  1. Craft market

For fantastic art and craft shopping, you can’t beat the Papua New Guinea craft markets.  Keep an eye on our Facebook Page for announcements on these craft markets.  There are 5 regular craft markets: Holiday Inn, Ela Beach, Laguna, Tabari and Moresby Arts Theatre. With the exception of Tabari, all other markets are held on a designated Saturday.

craftmarket_1051027.   Shopping mall Vision City

The new shopping mall at Vision City is amazing. It almost looks as if you’re in another country because Papua New Guineans don’t have huge shopping malls.  You should check out the new extension which consists of a food court. Try the food too and don’t forget to get a smoothie on your way out.

8. Fishermen island

This is a more expensive option but if you like sun, sand and sea this is for you.  We previously wrote something about it so it’s best to go to the article and have a read yourself.  There’s a video there too so you can take a more personal and close up look at Fishermen Island.

Have we missed anything out? Comment below if you can think of other options.