Google regularly tweaks its algorithm to determine which websites appear at the top of search results when users conduct a search on Google.  The recent tweak has given websites that are mobile compatible.

It’s obvious that the tweak aims to make it much easier and of course user friendly for those who conduct searches on the giant search engine given that the number of users using smartphones to access the internet has grown considerably.  Not to forget, tablets too are heading the same direction and while it’s probably unlikely that tablets will surpass smartphones, it’s vitally important to Google that it offers flexibility and ease of use.


Google has provided a Google Mobile test where you can test your website to see if it passes the Mobile Test.  You can see the link to that testing tool below.

We’ve done some tests ourselves and we’re pleased to say that www.skerah.com is mobile compatible.  Below is a screen shot of the test results, Awesome!


We’ve also tried to test some of the PNG websites and we’re quite surprised that most of the big name brands in PNG have non-mobile compatible websites. Interestingly, most of the banks and financial institutions, bar Fincorp and surprisingly Bank of PNG, have failed the Google Mobile Test.  Check the results below.


But there’s good news for other PNG websites.  Below are the PNG websites that are mobile compatible according to the Google Mobile Test.


Test your website here https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/ 

Is your website mobile compatible?  If not, e-mail us for assistance.