5 reasons why we love the new CPL website

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    Websites are starting to become much easier to build.  In today’s “easy to build tools”, you can actually make a website in an hour.  But what makes a good website?

    Well, recently we came across the City Pharmacy website and WOW, just WOW!

    Any of you who have seen the previous CPL website will agree that it was outdated and it took a while before the content showed up if you clicked on a link on it.  So if you are thinking of building a website, having a look at the new CPL website will give you some ideas.

    Here are 5 things we like about the new CPL website:

    1. Easy layout
      The layout is much simpler.  There’s more impact, content is much clearer and there’s a fresh feel of it.  After all, if you’re re-known for selling fresh fruits and vegetables like they do at Stop N Shop, you’re website should also convey the same feel.
    2. Easy Navigation
      Don’t you hate it when you log into a website and start searching around to see the menu or at least some sort of direction? The CPL website has their menu at the top which is clearly visible. And when you do hover the mouse over the menu, the relevant menu link is highlighted. Simple and easy!
    3. Loading speed
      You know how you click a link and then it starts loading and loading and loading and you start to feel loaded with frustration. Yeah you get the feel.  In this day an age, site visitors have little patience. When they click a link, they want the information to instantly appear. You don’t want people to keep on waiting for the info to appear.  There’s no “PNG Time” in this game!
    4. Responsive
      Smartphones are now used widely to access the net.  With high use of social media on smartphones, there’s a greater chance of people accessing your site from their phone. With this in mind, you need to create a site that responsive to whatever device it is being accessed from.  The new CPL website is also mobile responsive which makes it easier for visitors to see the content.


    5. Images
      What would a website look like with no images? Unless it is an academic site, having no images on your website is a big turn off.  Now take a look at the CPL homepage?  Large colorful images, images of people, smiling and with faces so big they’re about to jump out from the screen and give you a big hug for visiting www.cpl.com.pg!  If you’re going to create an impact, images are important. It shouldn’t be any old image too, it should be “relevant” – relevant to your brand to be more specific.  And if you see the faces on the CPL website, they’re smiling, welcoming – you know how you walk into a supermarket and are greeted with that huge smiling attendant at Waigani Central – yeah, you get the drift.  Well, the website is doing something similar isn’t it!

    Finally, you need to have good content. Content that’s relevant depending on your audience and your business.

    Check out the site now www.cpl.com.pg

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