The PNG Electoral Commission should give themselves a pat on the back for moving on with times by introducing the “Electoral Roll Look Up”.

This is the first time to see such an initiative from the body responsible for next years elections.


According to their website, the aim of this initiative is to ensure eligible voting population know if they are on the roll or not.

The website further adds that this also provides an opportunity for voters to know where they will vote.

The PNG Roll Lookup is available on this website via desktop and mobile devices. There is also an app called PNG Roll Lookup App which you can install in your device. The app is available for free on all app stores for Android, iOS and Windows.

One of our team members did a search of his own name like many of us and was pleased with the result.  When doing a search of our own Prime Minister’s name, below is a screenshot of the result he got:


It looks a bit odd that our very own Prime Minister’s name is not on the roll. Maybe he uses another name but it certainly is very strange indeed.

Anyway, head over to this link to search your name

If you don’t find your name on the list, you will have to visit the Electoral Commission Office and enroll.