Source: Traveller
Source: Traveller

Qatar Airways has been recognised as the “Best Airline” at the annual World Airlines Awards which was held at the Paris Show on Tuesday.  And if you can recall last year and the year before, Qatar Airways was on a major recruitment drive in Port Moresby.

At the time the recruitment drive was on, a good number of fans on social media were a little skeptical about the program.  Some even went to the extent of suggesting that there was a risk of catching the Ebola virus.

A year later Ebola is no longer talked about. So who actually got recruited?  What are their experiences?


Speaking of experiences, Terry Togumagoma who is a well-known Papua New Guinean pilot employed by Etihad Airways saw the recruitment as a golden opportunity.  Being part of the experience himself, Terry had this to say:

“They’ve beaten us to Most Middle East carriers such Qatar. Emirates or Etihad (where I work) are expanding at an exponential rate and require personnel from the world over, Europe, Australasia, Africa, Americas, etc. The general condition of a flight attendant amongst the 3 major competitors makes it quite attractive for people who want to a nutshell – Free international medical insurance, tax free salary at approx. PGK5-7,000/month, furnished apartment and the perks of discounted travel to explore the world on their extensive networks during your free time. Pass the word on and join our little wantoks group in the desert for a great experience”

Terry continued:

Terry Togumagoma Sam, you are too, bro It’ll great to see more of the young PNGans to venture abroad and have a different perspective of life.

Ben Samlal also another commentator added on to encouraging Papua New Guineans to take these opportunities:

I encourage all those young ladies and gentlemen to apply and explore the world! To those retards with negative comments regarding the jobs, piss off and leave them alone! Infact , why the hell would you bother with unproductive comments here!!!! Wsshhhh…..

Well there you have it.  Our wantoks overseas with experience can give us an insight on what one can expect through their own experiences.  And it sure looks like they recommended Qatar because after all it’s the World’s Best Airline!

Interesting to note that Qatar Airways is flying all the way to Port Moresby on a recruitment drive. Why are they doing…

Posted by Skerah on Wednesday, November 12, 2014

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