21 January 2015 – Update

As an update to this article about getting motor vehicle insurance, here is another example of an accident that happened yesterday at Poreporena Freeway.  Some say it was mechanical failure, other stories differ. But whatever the cause, obtaining insurance can minimise your loss.



Last year we covered a series of car accidents in the city and scene of the accidents didn’t look pretty.  In fact, based on newspaper reports last year, the number of motor vehicle accidents was on the rise last year.  Now, you may not have been in one recently or ever and we hope you don’t but the fact is we don’t know what’s going to happen in the future.  This brings us to the issue of insurance and in particular motor vehicle insurance in Port Moresby.

The risk on the road is high everywhere.  You don’t know when an accident will happen and apart from making sure that you drive safely to avoid any such accident, taking out insurance on your motor vehicle is an important step towards minimising the risk of your losses.

The roads in Port Moresby are risky, very risky.  There are several factors why this is so.

The number of vehicles is increasing by the day and this is evident in traffic congestions now being the norm.  And if the road congestions aren’t enough, more vehicles are being imported by car dealers and individuals.  This means that the more vehicles we have on the road, there is a reasonable chance of accidents happening.

Sure enough, the local authority is constructing more roads in the city to ease up traffic but it seems that the rate of vehicles being imported is far greater.

The second reason why Port Moresby roads are very risky is the number of drivers driving while intoxicated.  Most of the accidents that we are aware of appear to have been alcohol related.  Motor vehicle authorities do not check, as far as we are aware, drivers to see whether or not they are driving while intoxicated.  There is no such thing as a breath test to check the alcohol level of a driver.

In short, the enforcement of safe driving is lacking which means drivers who drive recklessly can continue to drive in that manner as they can get away with it.

Speed is also a problem in the city.  Accidents have happened because of drivers speeding from A to B without regard to other motorists and pedestrians.  Speed limit signs are often ignored and again with the lack of enforcement, the risks are much higher.

You might do all you can to make sure you don’t get yourself into an accident but the fact is other drivers carelessness on the road can get you involved.

A very dangerous example.
A very dangerous example.

They say higher the risk, the higher the insurance cost.  That’s true but as the Motor Vehicle Authority used to say, “It’s not a game”. Having your car damaged or worse losing a life as a result of a car accident is certainly not a game.