Nature Park keeps on surprising us with new features in the park.  As if the total makeover wasn’t enough, Nature Park has come up with something specifically for the kids – a playground called “Kids Discovery Corner”.

Kids entering the park will get a surprise welcome as the Kids Discovery Corner is located immediately after cafeteria at the entrance.


There’s a tree house, a tunnel, the remains of a dinosaur embedded in the sand and several slides.  Actually, there’s one slide that’s exclusively for years 2 to 5 so they don’t get into the mad rush for slides amongst the much bigger kids.

It’s strategically located in the park and fenced too so kids don’t wonder off into the other attractions or parts of the park.

The cafeteria too isn’t too far away from the Corner and those seated in the cafeteria have a clear view of the playground not only making it easier to keep an eye on the kids but also making dining even more pleasant seeing young kids having a fun time.


Once you pay the entrance fee to the park, you don’t need to pay anything to get into the Corner itself which means kids can be in the Corner for as long as they like.  As you can imagine, this can be quite a challenge for parents when it’s going home time. We certainly had a lot of trouble trying to convince the kids that we’ll be back “tomorrow”!

While staff are there on the lookout, parents must be there to supervise the safety and behaviour of their kids. With the kids having that much fun, it can be very tempting so please parents, hold your emotions and restrain yourself from rushing to use the slides!

Full credit should go to the management and staff for their continuous hard work in overhauling one of Port Moresby’s tourist attractions.  Speaking of staff, the staff that were working yesterday morning were wonderful.

And the sponsors too are doing a tremendous job in funding this important projects for residents and visitors alike.  Great to see our partners Pacific MMI and PNG Tourism Promotion Authority in that group!

Take a look at some of the pics.