When you think of PNG is it culture, thick jungles and trekking adventures that spring to mind? PNG is actually an island destination with over 600 islands of largely untouched beauty.

BY KARRYONWith some of the most spectacular diving spots, lively marine life, impressive fishing and superb surfing, PNG is one of the world’s most undiscovered coastal holiday destinations.

So where to go and stay and what to do when you get there? We’ve listed three of the best coastal holiday locations in PNG:

1. Milne Bay Province – For History Buffs



Located at the bottom of the main island of PNG to the east, is Milne Bay Province, home to seven different groups of islands with a fascinating war history, (the Battle of Milne Bay was the first land defeat suffered by the Japanese in World War II) and unbeatable diving of un-disturbed reefs and sunken ships – Milne Bay is one of the country’s best spots for coastal adventures.

Snorkel with manta-rays, go dolphin and dugong spotting or take in the annual canoe festival in November each year.

Stay at Driftwood Resort or for a more authentic and remote stay, try Nuli Sapi on the island of Logeia.

2. Rabaul/Kokopo – For Scuba Divers + Snorkellers 


Famous for the volcanic eruption in 1994 which covered the town of Rabaul in ash and forced many to move to the neighbouring town of Kokopo, the area offers turquoise waters lapping at white sandy beaches of tiny islands; practically guaranteed dolphin spotting – by the dozen; wreck diving and plenty of spots for a snorkel or swim.

Stay at Rapopo Plantation Resort or Kokopo Beach Bungalows.

3. Madang – For Surfers


Keen surfer? Grab your board and head north on the main island of PNG, to the area known as Madang. Set on a peninsula, with a backdrop of steep mountains and lush tropical vegetation, the town of Madang looks across a scattering of perfect islands, dotted through a tropical deep water harbour.

Not far north of the town of Madang is Ulingan Bay, one of the most consistent swell magnets in PNG, with waves straight out the front, great culture and awesome food. For divers, the deep harbour is home to over 30 sunken war ships just waiting to be discovered. Stay Tupira Surf Club for a great surf trip or Madang Resort, for a relaxing break.

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