city-hall-18h51m47s162-1On November 22th, ahead of the International Day to End Violence Against Women and Girls, the entire staff of the National Capital Commission of Port Moresby, led by the Honourable Governor Powes Parkop and his senior management team, signed orange hands to show their solidarity with the SANAP WANTAIM campaign and pledged to take action to make the city of Port Moresby safe for women and girls.

Governor Parkop said: “I am extremely proud of all our NCDC staff who are taking this first step in signing a hand of promise and the next step now is to take action: to change our behaviour and attitudes; to learn to solve disputes through non-violent means.  To permit women the freedom to walk our streets, use our parks, take our public transportation without fear of being harassed and violated.  Its time for us all to Sanap Wantaim and make our city great.”

FIFA Legend Alex Scott and UN Women Youth Champion, Hip Hop star Jay Lieasi (AKA Prote-J) added the event along with the SANAP WANTAIM youth leaders.  Ms. Scott bestowed the HeForShe pin to a FIFA grounds keeper, Paul Laka, for his outstanding civic citizenry.


Ms Scott said:  “We all benefit from gender equality. When women are empowered, the whole of humanity benefits.  The FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup is a great example of the importance of creating an equal playing field for men and women on and off the field.  I stand together with the young men and women who drive such great campaigns – I believe in the future they are striving towards.”

UN Women Youth Champion, Jay Lieasi, spoke once again on the critical importance that each one of us plays in making the city safe.  He said: “All the actions that we each take add up into something big.  So let’s smile at each other in the streets.  Let’s help each other in times of need.  Let, men and boys, stand beside our women folk and let them know that violence against women is not a women’s issue.  It is a human rights issue. Let’s see across the cultural boundaries that divide our people, and find the common ground that binds us together.” Speakers also thanked the Australian Government, NCDC and UN Women for funding this major event and the Sanap Wantaim Campaign.

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PHOTO CAPTION: Governor Powes Parkop, UN Women Youth Champion, Jay Lieasi (AKA Prote-J) and FIFA Legend Alex Scott with their orange hands of promise.  Ahead of the November 25th International Day to End Violence Against Women and Girls, the citizens of Port Moresby are asked to sign orange hands signifying their commitment to do their part in making the city safe for women and girls.


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About the Sanap Wantaim: The New Normal Campaign

A solidarity campaign co- funded by the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) and Australian Government, aimed at inspiring and encouraging Port Moresby residents to stand together in partnership to make it, a safe city for women and girls. Go to: for more information or like us on Facebook at Sanap Wantaim Campaign