BSP partners with PNG Power to deliver financial literacy in Gereka

  • BSP Staff at the Gereka community Hall, in Central Province opening Kundu Accounts, Sumatin Accounts and Kids Savings Accounts for the community who attended the Financial Literacy Awareness organised by PNG Power Ltd.

    Bank South Pacific (BSP) in partnership with PNG Power Limited joined forces to bring basic banking education and financial literacy to the community in Gereka, Central Province, on 24th May, 2017.

    John Peter Ma’a, was among the Gereka villagers who attended the Financial Literacy Awareness at the village’s community. He said, “Having the bank present today for this awareness was something everyone needed.”

    “I am always spending unnecessarily on things that I don’t need, but I am very thankful that BSP and PNG Power have organised this awareness which gives me a fair idea on how to better save and manage my savings,” said Mr. Ma’a.

    “I was about to head in to Port Moresby when I got the news from members in the community that BSP was conducting awareness on how to save and budget and that they were opening accounts as well.”

    Members of the Gereka Community filling in forms to open Kundu Accounts, Sumatin Accounts and Kids Savings Account.

    I actually managed to save money because I did not have to pay K10 for a bus ride into town to do my banking and to stand in a long que to open an account. I had the convenience of doing the very same thing here at my doorstep and it is because of the initiative of the bank and PNG Power. So thank you. He added.

    BSP’s Banking Education team continues to provide basic Financial Literacy to the unbanked and the under banked; utilising all Savings and budgeting Modules that are provided by the Bank of Papua New Guinea (BPNG). With the largest network of Agents, Sub Branches and Branches, the Banking Education team, also deliver awareness on Banking products and services, the everyday Papua New Guineans can use to their advantage.

    BSP’s Miriam Dagina (left) and Debora Ai explaining how to open a Kundu Account to a member of the Gereka community.

    Mr Ma’a added, the knowledge that we get from this session is basic, but helps us a lot with managing money, budgeting and saving and has helped me to make informed banking decisions.

    34 accounts were opened yesterday at the Gereka community Hall. Parents and their children were also able to open Kids Savings Accounts and Sumatin Accounts after going through the Financial Literacy Training.

    The Gereka Community listening tentatively to the Financial Literacy Awareness conducted by BSP

    BSP has 120 trained and certified Financial Literacy Trainers who are available at all branches nationwide. The financial literacy trainings are offered free to any organised group.






    Bank South Pacific (BSP) is an iconic and unique bank in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific, recognised for its strong commitment to the region.  We are a major commercial banking and finance group with assets of approximately PGK20.8 billion.

    BSP has the largest branch network in Papua New Guinea, Cook Islands, Fiji, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu with sub branches and agents in rural locations. The BSP Group employs 4000+ people across the Pacific and proudly supports the communities that we operate in, through Community Projects, Sports, Education, Health, Culture and Financial Literacy.

    Our branch network is complemented by electronic banking networks that can meet the banking needs of all customers wherever we operate.

    • 70+ Branches
    • 13 Premium Service Centres
    • 50+ Sub Branches
    • 350+ Agents
    • 500 ATMs
    • 11,000+ EFTPoS

    We’re proud of our whole of bank capabilities whereby our teams in Corporate, Retail, Paramount and Treasury are able to provide solutions to our clients, drawing on our capabilities and broad presence. This capability is unmatched by our competitors.  PNG and the Pacific is our home. We have knowledge, history, experience and a commitment to the region that other financial institutes cannot offer.


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