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When it comes to customer service many of us have good experiences and some very bad ones.  The bad ones tend to be so bad it’s annoying, frustrating and we often take it to social media to let the whole world know.

In Papua New Guinea, customer service is a very big problem.  A bad customer service might be, not being attentive to the customers’ enquiry, holding the customer on the phone for a prolonged period or simply not being polite.

Papua New Guineans are a little laid back or somewhat shy when it comes to interacting with third parties. Those who are not close friends or part of the community are often treated with some resistance.  It is not exactly an intention to be rude but our culture and social upbringing, especially for the average and below average working class, seems to make us more reserved when it comes to interaction.

This attitude makes it more difficult when it comes to the area of customer service and the training required may need to be more extensive.

Aside from this cultural perspective, poor customer service could be a result of lack of training, poor wages and generally employers inability to lift staff morale. Obviously, if the morale is very low it is difficult to put a meaningful smile when interacting with customers.

So which company offers the best customer service in Papua New Guinea?

It’s hard to say because we have good experiences as well as bad ones.  Most people tend to publicise the bad ones more than the good ones and in this day and age of technology and in particular social media, companies can be on the receiving end of some bad publicity as a result of a bad customer service experience.

But we’ve come across some very good customer service experience and one notable company that has always given us a good experience is Hardware Haus.  The thing we like about Hardware Haus is that not only do the staff approach you with a smile to help you out, they actually know the products they sell.  If one staff can’t help you, they will find someone who can.

The staff at Hardware Haus are very knowledgeable and this might be attributed to the “Do it yourself” concept that underpins the business. But in any event, the Hardware Haus experience is always a positive one.

Which PNG company offers the best customer service?

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