Stop n Shop at Waigani Central
Stop n Shop at Waigani Central

Update 3 April 2014 – Further to our article below, here is an exclusive look of what the new Stop n Shop looks like inside. Photos courtesy of CPL Marketing Manager, Prue Go. The Stop n Shop and City Pharmacy division of Central Waigani opened doors today:


As many of you drive past the Waigani Stop n Shop, you will notice alongside the shop that there is a new development taking place.


The development called “Waigani Central” is owned by the City Pharmacy Group of Companies and they are developing a new commercial retail outlet for their flagship “Stop n Shop” supermarket brand.

Construction is almost completed and the supermarket is expected to open for business by mid this year.

stopnshop_182256This is one of three main commercial retail developments that has taken place in Port Moresby in the last couple of years.  The first being the Vision City Mega Mall at Waigani followed by The Waterfront supermarket at Konedobu.

Waigani Central is expected to be a huge supermarket and not so much a mall like Vision City. But there will be other retail outlets within the Waigani Central area.

Stop n Shop in the last year or two has had to undergo a major re-branding exercise to show a more modern, fresh and healthy outlook of its brand.  Previously, it looked as though the brand had lost its colour and appeal but with the new development taking place at Waigani Central and the rebranding exercise that has been done, it sure looks as though the two will complement each other and more importantly a positive shopping experience with a variety of goods in modern surroundings.

Colourful, healthy and local for a positive shopping experience

Some of the retail outlets that will be at Waigani Central apart from the Stop n Shop supermarket is a Do it yourself hardware store, fashion store, an American burger franchise and there’s talk of a cinema too.


The development will or already has boosted the outlook of Waigani as a fast growing commercial hub and there is no slowing down of the developments given Port Moresby will be hosting several major events in the next couple of years.