All companies and businesses that lodge registration applications at IPA are now also being registered by the Internal Revenue Commission (IRC) for taxation purposes as part of an integrated business registration process.

All business entities registering with IPA are now being issued a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).


Once your registration at IPA is completed, you will be contacted by IRC and the following information will be sent to you:

  • Your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Certificate (to be kept for your records)
  • A TIN registration form for you to complete and return to IRC to finalise your registration; including identification information, and details of all tax types that your company or business is liable for
  • Notification that Salary and Wage Tax and GST tax accounts have been opened for you (for all company registrations)
  • An explanation of your obligations for these tax types – including lodgement and payment obligations
  • Attached tax remittance forms to use, and guides for completing these forms

To find out more information on your tax obligations, please visit: www.irc.gov.pg

NOTE: Be sure to send the completed TIN registration form to IRC as soon as you receive it, and a list of the tax types your company or business is liable for. This is important information necessary to finalise your registration. If you do not return the completed TIN registration form you may be subject to IRC registration compliance actions.

Authorized by
Ms Betty Palaso
The Commissioner General