Remember when the Post-Courier increased the price of its paper from K1 to K1.20 and K1.50?  There was a reader outrage about the increase and it didn’t take long before PNG’s nambawan daily decided to reduce the cost back to its original price.

Do you also remember the circulation “war” between the Post Courier and The National? That “war” seems to have died a natural death.


Times are indeed changing in the media industry.

One clear indication of this change, if you haven’t already noticed, is that Post-Courier has increased its pricing from K1 to K2.  There will unlikely be any public outrage this time as the focus of many of its readers have turned to other forms of media, particularly the fast growing online media.


In addition to the pressures faced by all business, the cost of producing a particular product or service is increasing too thus providing even more pressure to remain competitive.

News media sites like are making inroads into the industry with timely news updates delivered through their websites and promoted on their social media accounts.  Social media sites like Facebook are providing a fantastic platform to publish content and the ease of access to news is one reason why readers are turning their backs on print media.

It’s unlikely print media will vanish from the industry but there are signs that their popularity is rapidly diminishing.

Of equal concern to print media owners is the increase in interest by advertisers to look into online media opportunities to spend their advertising Kina.

Post-Courier has revamped their website with a more modern look that is much more user friendly than the original version.  Interestingly, their online site when introduced was primarily subscription based with a free trial period, however, the revamped version seems to have discarded the subscription facility.  It is unclear as to why the subscription facility was removed but there may be two possible reasons.

The first reason is the obvious lack of subscribers.

The second reason may be for competitive purposes.  Sites like offer “free” news and their sites rely on display advertising to provide much of their revenue.  Post-Courier might be following this trend as it does have one advertiser displaying their banner on the site.  Furthermore, Post-Courier also has a social media presence and like it is promoting its news in a timely manner through these mediums.

One thing for sure is that print media are starting to realize that much of their readers are online and the only way they can tap into the market is to have a presence themselves and that is exactly what is being seen now.