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As PNG celebrates its 40th year last Wednesday, CPL Group adds another branch to its expanding retail portfolio when it opened its 32nd City Pharmacy store in Mount Hagen, inside Tininga Dobel.


The 135-square-meter outlet manifests visibility, accessibility and shopping convenience to its customers.

Customers residing or working near the area can choose from a wide selection of products from prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs to toiletries, cosmetics, novelty items and snacks.

“Paramount to our City Pharmacy business is to be rooted in health care,” says CPL Group CEO Ravi Singh. “We continue to innovate around how to increase the role of community pharmacy, become a destination and help with health care in the communities. We have a dedicated nursing station in this outlet to assist these people.”

This is City Pharmacy’s 3rd branch in Mount Hagen. The first two branches are inside Best Buy and along Hagen Drive respectively.

This new branch also combines drug and medical equipment supplies with over-the-counter medicines, personal care items, novelty items and the like.

City Pharmacy had its own special way of greeting its new Hagen customers. Known for its promotions, everyone who came in for the opening was given a slew of special offers to help them purchase the goods they have been waiting for.

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