Member of Parliament Mr Kerenga Kua and Tim Griffiths
Member of Parliament Mr Kerenga Kua and Tim Griffiths

This is a tantalising glimpse of the enduring spirit of the narrator from the historical novel Endurance (Allen & Unwin, 2015) by Tim Griffith.

Tim Griffith’s gave an ardent and inspiring presentation during the book launch by member of parliament Mr. Kerenga Kua at the Royal Papua Yacht Club. He spoke at length about the narrator and protagonist of his historic novel, Frank Hurley. His passion for the project and immense research undertaken was apparent as he recollected crucial events from the extraordinary life of the Australian photographer.

The wise say that our decisions determine our future, and this has been provided right by two men – the author and his inspiration.


Tim’s move to Port Moresby during a period of soul searching enabled him to discover a new aspect of Hurley’s life. His forgotten voyage to PNG and documented evidence of interaction with the tribes. As Tim browsed through the master photographer’s iconic images of an era past, little did he realize that years later, he would be writing a thrilling novel on Hurley’s Antarctic expeditions and World War I experiences.

Interest in photography and his decision to master the craft paved the way for the adventurous, planned, but risky journey of Frank Hurley. A sojourn that saw him stranded for over five months in the desolate and icy world of Antarctica with fellow crew from Shackleton’s expedition ship Endurance.  A voluntary junket that saw him capture action on the front-lines with his heavyweight cameras, and forced him to ponder on the futility of war.

The author has skilfully used first person account to convey the heroism and sacrifice of the men who went on these explorations, as well the brave soldiers who fought on the Western Front. More than that, Endurance gives you an inside view of a complex character – his motives, life-and-death situations that shaped his character and proved his mettle, and the ensuing drama. The author’s play of words, attention to the feel and mood of the time periods, and attention to detail brings the story alive.

A voice from the past reaches out to you from the pages of this dramatic novel. And you can’t help but hear him out as he vividly recounts those fraught with danger encounters.

About the author:

Tim Griffith, a practising lawyer, currently works in Port Moresby. When he is not reading upon on Australian history and planning his next book on Hurley, he enjoys bushwalking and surfing. To know more about him and his book, visit his website.